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Dodge Viper V-Series Controller

Now introducing fully dynamic suspension for the Viper platform! The DSC Sport V-Series controller features all the same great technology and tuning capabilities as the V1 9×7.

The DSC Sport Controller expands the dynamic range and rate of response of your factory damper controller, providing both improved track performance and a more comfortable ride on the street. It simply replaces the factory suspension controller with the DSC Sport V-Series controller. Like all DSC Sport controllers, the V-Series DSC Sport Controller allows users to tune by g-force, brake pressure, acceleration, speed, steering, and control the effective damping range via shock calibration.

DSC features 2 modes, “Normal” and “Sport” which will display on the dash during mode selection. Mode display on the dash in the same way that the factory controller does.

DSC Sport Controllers come pre-programmed ready to go!

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