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Vehicle Setup and Track Preparation

Before anything else, preparation is the Key to Success -Alexander Graham Bell
No matter what level of Motorsport you are at, the setup and preparation of your vehicle should be one of the most important considerations you make. With our many years of experience working with a variety of different teams at Circuits, Drag Strips, Rally and Drift Events, we have seen the direct link between preparation and success prove itself time and time again. Whether it is choosing the right alignment for your vehicle or ensuring your tyre pressures are regulated any little detail that is overlooked in the preparation of your vehicle has a chance to hinder your ability to reach your goals.
So why leave things to chance?

Vehicle Preparation:

> Wheel Alignments

> Corner-Weight Adjustment

> Vehicle Servicing

> Vehicle Lifing

> Safety and Spanner Checks

Driver Preparation:

> Track Support

> Driver Coaching

> Data Analysis

> Simulator Training - In conjunction with EurOz Driver Performance

Aside from these services one of the best methods of preparation is - PLANNING!

If there is anything you are unsure of, or you are caught deciding between one of the many methods to achieve a similar result, pick up the phone and let’s have a chat!

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Let us use our experience and achievements to help benefit you.

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