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Shock Absorber and Suspension Services

One of the most vital aspects on any vehicle are its handling characteristics.
Shock Absorber Technology and Suspension Geometry are fairly foreign topics for a lot of race car enthusiasts, car builders and drivers.

A vehicle’s suspension setup needs to work with all aspects of its build:

> Aerodynamic Load

> Wheel & Tyre Combination

> Weight Distribution

> Power Output

> Drivetrain Configuration

Therefore understanding, and more importantly, being able to diagnose a vehicle’s handling characteristics is paramount.
We offer a range of services to not only assist in targeting problem areas of a particular setup, but also the ability to create custom suspension and damper packages to suit any new vehicle build. 

With our purpose built damper room, we are able to:

> Dyno and Report

> Recondition

> Re-Valve

> Rate Test Springs

We are equipped to work with a large range of Damper manufacturers

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