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Dodge Hellcat Challenger V3 Controller

Model #: 02-HLCT-06-V3

Now introducing fully dynamic suspension for the SRT Hellcat platform! The DSC Sport V3 controller features all the same great technology and tuning capabilities as the V3 9×1 controller.

The easiest, fastest, and best Plug-N-Play suspension upgrade for your SRT Hellcat! The controller comes fully pre-programmed ready to use! Intended to replace the factory suspension controller to work with the OEM shocks as well as Tractive shocks and other aftermarket electronic suspension options.

All Hellcat models are Velocity compatible, made possible by the factory four wheel ride height sensors now equipped on all models. Velocity tuning allows adjustment based on the velocity of the piston rod movement, more accurately tuning the chassis to road surface changes. This feature provides a new dimension of tuning that maximizes both performance and comfort.

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