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Corvette C7 DSC Sports Controller

Model #: 05-00c7-01-V4

The easiest, fastest, and best Plug-N-Play suspension upgrade for your C7 Corvette! The controller, intended for use with the original MRC shocks comes fully pre-programmed and ready to use, replaces the factory suspension control module. The DSC Sport Controller fully and completely interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. Using the DSC Sport tuning software, users have the ability to tune the suspension just like tuning the engine, including full velocity tuning and PTM control.

The Controller serves as an intro package to the DSC Sport system and is perfect for daily drivers and the occasional DE events. Looking for more competitive performance advantages? Check out the Tractive DDA RTs and RTs Plus shock packages with coilover conversion options.

Tables include:
• G Force
• Brake Pressure
• Steering Angle
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Shock Calibration
• Velocity
• Performance Traction Management (PTM)

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