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DNA Autosport Partner with World Leader in Electronic Damping

The Team at DNA Autosport have partnered with Dutch Suspension Leader, TracTive Suspension, to push the future of automotive damping in Australia.

Established in 2010, TracTive Suspension have lead the development in electronically controlled suspension systems. Shortly after their founding the company quickly became a development partner with Tenneco Monroe, BMW, BRP Lynx, Touratech AG, Dallara, RUF Automobile, Pagani, and more.

In 2011, TracTive patented the Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve, which is still THE benchmark in electronic damping control. Apart from the DDA valve, TracTive has a wide variety of electronic technologies at its command: control units, remote controls, sensors, height adjustment systems etc.

Above all, TracTive’s team combines the highest level of technology with
flexibility and passion.

DNA Autosport is thrilled to have been invited to become a part of this team.

The official Statement from TracTive, Netherlands:
TracTive Suspension proudly announces a new dealer for Sydney and the wider Australian and New-Zealand areas.

TracTive Suspension has, as of today, reached an agreement with DNA Autosport Australia to become a dealer for the TracTive Suspension automotive product line-up.

DNA Autosport will be the point of contact for all automotive products that TracTive Suspension has to offer, ranging from Plug&Play applications for BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini etc. to standalone systems for older cars that can benefit from a standalone semi-active system.
DNA Autosport are a Sydney-based workshop known for their knowledge in chassis setup and can offer trackside support to their road and motorsport customers. They are also a technically driven company, giving them the ability to design bespoke systems for a range of automotive applications. They have also taken up the task to become a certified Service Center for TracTive Suspension products. We are looking forward to working together and gaining a larger local market share for both road and motorsport.

A statement from the Director of DNA Autosport, Andre Nader:
"We are thrilled to have been presented with this opportunity. The team at DNA have always viewed suspension tuning and design as an art-form so it is refreshing to partner with a company that thinks accordingly. 

Aside from this, we always endeavor to push the limits of what we are presented with, to always give our clients a competitive edge. 

With this in mind, our partnership with TracTive is bound to open up new avenues for us to keep pushing those limits. We welcome the challenges ahead with open arms and look forward to keeping our clients at the front of the pack."


Products on offer:

TracTive Suspension systems range from non-electronic, 1 & 3 way adjustable dampers to fully electronic systems.
The Team at DNA Autosport is also capable of designing either style of system from the 'ground-up' to suit a bespoke/custom application.

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