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Aus Time Attack 2020

  • 5 min read

What a weekend!

Before we go into the details of the event, we would like to extend our thanks to John Boston and the Wakefield Park team for putting together such an awesome event.

It was great to hit the track again with our friends and family and of course, let our competitive sides run wild. Thank you!
In the lead up to Aus Time Attack, the DNA AutoSport team have had the pleasure of setting up some pretty cool cars, however, on the day we were tasked with supporting 6 of these cars across the 4 categories.
To say we were nervous coming into this event is an understatement but thankfully the results our team were able to be a part of, proved to be quite the reward for their hard work.
CLUBSPRINT CLASS - [ 3 Trophies ]
Arguably the most competitive of the 4 categories, with some serious machines being put together to contest the podium.
We had the pleasure of supporting two of the Clubsprint machines.
The first was that of Team Evolution Racing Spares and their Evo VI. Jimmy and the crew worked with us to develop the handling of their car right up until the day before practice.
Funny story:
The car had come and gone weeks before the event. Then we received a call from Jimmy...
J: Hey Andre if I added some Aero to the car would we need to change the setup?
A: Jimmy what did you do? Where is the car?
J: Sydney Composites
A: Bring me the car Jimmy...
After a day of tweaking, data analysis and driver coaching. Jimmy focused up a pulled out an amazing 1:01.113 to take first place in the Clubsprint category. Making their team the reigning Aus Time Attack and World Time Attack Clubsprint Champions!
A huge achievement. Congratulations!
The second car we had the pleasure of supporting was the Motorsport Towing Entry of Andre Naz and his Evo VIII RS.
Prior to the event, Andre gave special consideration to the setup of his Evo with a focus on driver training.
This training came into play after unexpected mechanical issues plagued the earlier sessions of the day. After the stress of sorting out these issues, Andre was able to get the car in running order and got out their to put down a wicked 1:04.259 and earning his place on the Clubsprint Podium.
You should be proud of your efforts Sir Naz.
Special mention goes to Jason Naidoo and his Scirocco R entry. Jason came to us for a complete transformation of the car's handling package with the hope of pushing a chassis that hasn't a whole lot of time in the lime light. With the help of the legends over at Etuners Australia, he was able to put down a 1:07.77. Looking forward to further developing the chassis with you, Jason.
You may have seen the new Evo VI being built by Damon Ashton and Powertune Australia on our socials recently. This car received a full set of custom dampers but unfortunately, we were not able to push them to their limit.
This car was purchased half complete by Damon and taken to Powertune to manage the remainder of the build. Session after session, issues from the initial part of the build began to surface and the Powertune team tackled them one after the other.
It was sad to see but their day was cut short with Damon producing a time of 1:05.983.
We look forward to supporting Damon and the Powertune team in the future!
PRO CLASS - [ 1 Trophy ]
This year we decided to enter our endurance car, with team owner Adrian Wilson in the hot seat.
The goal was clear. Get this car around Wakefield Park Raceway faster than it has ever been before.
Given the nature of this car, there were certain disadvantages we had to overcome. The main one was that of fuel load. As the car is built for endurance racing, the factory saddle tank can only run to a minimum of 15L before G-forces cause the car to fuel surge. So in order to make the most of each session, it was up to Adrian to get those slicks warm ASAP, focus up and lay down a time as early in the session as possible.
And he did just that.
Adrian drove the car to a blistering 1:02.279 taking 3rd place in class and 10th outright!
Not bad for a 1500kg BMW with only 330kW.
SUPERCAR CLASS - [ 2 Trophies ]
We had the pleasure of supporting two killer Supercars in this class, the first of those was a gorgeous Satin blue Nissan GT-R.
This car was developed and tested by us prior to the event and thankfully we were able to get the result we were after on the day! The R35 roared across the line with a 1:03.160 taking 1.9 seconds off the previous PB!
On the other side of the garage sat the Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 of Charlie Khoury. Check our Instagram in the coming days because we are super proud of the transformation on this vehicle.
Charlie's previous time around Wakefield Park with this car was a 1:04.2 and he was determined to crush this after visiting us.
On the dummy grid, we had a quick chat with Charlie in the hopes of pumping him up for his session...
A: Charlie! How you feeling?
C: I'm just gonna go out and do a 1:03.5, pretty simple
A: Ok have a nice day!
But as it turned out he didn't... He did a 1:03.344 instead!
Then got out of his car and screamed a few things we probably shouldn't repeat.
And damn you Charlie we know that you know there's more! 😂
Charlie killed it and took home the title for fastest Naturally Aspirated Supercar!
Finally, a special mention goes to Jason Rex and his FE Motorsports built Nissan GT-R #OMGTR.
Jason has just started developing the handling of this vehicle with us. He pushed that Nissan around the circuit in a 1:02.882 and scored himself and the FE Motorsports team 3rd outright!
Amazing effort, Jason, and we look forward to taking you well into the 1:01's 🤫
Well there you have it!
The DNA AutoSport recap of Aus Time Attack.
Again we would like to thank the event organisers for their efforts in putting this together.
A huge shout out to Jack Moss for making the trip to take these killer photos for us 👊
We can't express how happy we are to have been given the trust to setup some of these amazing machines and we are honoured to have been able to achieve these results a mere 8 weeks from opening our workshop doors. (There's actually just one door but you get it).
Moving forward, we can't wait to continue developing and supporting our driver's and their machines!


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