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DSC Sport Stand Alone Kit


Want active suspension? With our Stand Alone Kit and a set of electronic dampers, you can have the finest active suspension setup on the market! Our wiring harness runs to all four corners of the car and provides you with the necessary wiring to install our Stand Alone DSC module. After establishing connection with the CAN line, the DSC Sport Stand Alone Kit functions the same as the DSC Sport Plug N Play V1, utilizing the same tuning strategies.

The Stand Alone Kit does require the installation of electronic dampers. All Bilstein variants are compatible with DSC Sport for an OEM-like driving experience.

Controller: $2,029.00
Wiring Harness: $1,020.00
Accelerometer: $450.00
Three-mode button switch: $250.00

Some vehicles our Stand Alone Harness kit will work on with applicable electronic shocks from Tractive include;

Audi TT MK III 2014+
BMW E36 3 Series M3 1991-2000
BMW E36 3-Series Non M3 1991-2000
BMW E36 compact 1994-2000
BMW E46 3-series 1998-2007
BMW E9X 3-series M3 2005-2012
BMW F3X 3/4 Series 2012+
BMW F8X 3/4 Series M 2012+
BMW F2x 2-series 2012+
BMW F8x 2-series M 2012+

Nissan GT-R R32 (Skyline) 1987-1994

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-5-6 1996-2001
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-8-9 2001-2008

Porsche 964
Porsche 993
Porsche 996
Porsche 911 Turbo/C4 (996)
Porsche 911 GT3 (996)
Porsche Cayman/Boxster (987)

Subaru BRZ/AE86/FR-S 2012+
Subaru Impreza GG-GD 2000+
Subaru Impreza GG – GD STI 2001+

Volkswagen Golf V VI 2004-2012
Volkswagen Golf VII 2012-2017

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